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    Broke Canadian Girl Gets Creative With "Dining Out"

    Rachel Lees, a Canadian interning in San Francisco, is broke and had to get creative when it came to "dining out." Check out her "restaurant" adventures below! (Originally posted on Rachel's friend's blog

    Interning in San Francisco can be great ... except when you have no money to enjoy meals out. @RachyLees took matters into her own hands by simulating eating out! First at beloved Canadian institution Boston Pizza.

    Next at coffee giant Starbucks.

    No finer cut of meat has been eaten at The Keg.

    A very nutritious McFlurry.

    One of the rice bowls at Moxies.

    Can't go wrong with waffles & strawberries from Denny's!

    Missing home... had to have some Tim Hortons bagels.

    Not the best Build Your Own Burger from Soda Jerks.

    Got to love The Cheesecake Factory!

    And some delicious pasta from Olive Garden!

    Hang in there Rachel! Your friends can't wait to take you for dinner when you get back to Canada.