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15 Thoughts You Had During Supernatural's First Season 13 Episode

Carry on my wayward son *cues montage* -post contains spoilers -

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6. Also, all of that walking-around-naked-not-knowing-what-to-do-with-a-water-bottle-and-what-in-gods-name-is-candy are all very ignorant and very Cass things to do. God, I miss Cass already. / Via

God bless our ignorant, socially akward little angel (come back to us agent Beyoncé).

13. And that suprise devil/mary ending was just too much. / Via

Wait, so Mary is still alive? What does the devil want with her? And how the hell is she going to get back to Sam and Dean? Are humans even able to survive in this world? What is life even? And how am I going to wait a whole week to find out these answers?

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