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    • lindat20

      I am an old Gramma; in my day when we got THE CURSE (which is what we called it then); doctors said tampons were only to be used after a girl was no longer a virgin. We had to waddle around on those God-awful pads that felt like a mattress in those days. The day I got my first was a scorching hot day in the Canadian prairies; I was out for a bike ride with my best friend and suddenly an invisible sword seared through my body and it just got worse as I biked back home. I threw my bike on the lawn and ran upstairs to the bathroom - my Mom was at work but my beloved Gramma was home; I called to her and she calmly got the supplies out, along with my favorite pyjamas, ran me a nice cool bath and when I was properly strapped into the mattress she gave me an aspirin, tucked me into Mom and Dad’s bed, because when I was sick I always wanted their bed. She wrapped a sealer jar full of hot water in a soft towel, placed it against my tummy and I slept for hours. God Bless you Mom and Gramma for making that freak show tolerable.

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