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    • lindap13

      Yes. Joan Rivers has ALWAYS done this kind of rude, offensive, stupid material. She has never been funny though. It’s 2013 now. People in this generation are more enlightened & have grown up. Most thoughtful people understand that it is not funny or acceptable to be nasty, making fun of other people, especially about their looks, weight, skin color, hair texture, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. Neither is toilet humor folks. Grow up already Joan & find other things to talk about. People are so offended cuz Adele happens to be extraordinarily talented (unlike Joan) genuine & unaffected by Hollywood. Joan has always been bitter & jealous & she has no room to talk about someone else’s physical appearance. Look at Jim Carrey, who has evolved intoamega-star,ahilarious comedian & he does so without making rude, vulgar or offensive jokes at other people’s expense.

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