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5 Awesome iPhone Apps You Should Check Out

The main advantage of iPhone is the vast collection of different apps. There are some cool apps available on iTunes, and you can only use them if you are using an iPhone. Some of the apps will keep track of your health; some apps will allow you to deal with different people and more apps for different works. Some apps: for example, music apps are for the entertainment. Here I have given a list of 5 amazing apps that you can use on your iPhone.

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1. Google Maps / Via

If you are an adventurous person who visits different places, you need a proper concept about that area. Doing it manually is time killing. But with the Google Maps app, you can find any destination from any place. It will also show you how much time it will take to reach an area. This is totally free and easy to use.

2. TSC Music / Via

Do you love music? There are so many music apps for iPhone, but TSC music is exceptional from them. This one you can listen to your favorite song from your music library and music streaming apps such as Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. TSC Music allows its user to equalize the sound for crystal clear sound, which, distributes the sound perfectly to the left and the right ear. Also, you can monitor your daily hearing condition on active graphs and protect your hearing with threshold sound conditioning technology.

3. Weather Underground / Via

If you want to get the weather update without searching in Google, you can use this app. This app will show you the current update of your locality. You can customize the interface according to your preference.

4. Evernote

This app for iPhone has already got huge popularity because of its cool features. If you are a very busy person want to use your time for maximum productivity, this app is for you. This is from the traditional to-do list. With Evernote, you can save all your necessary files in a cloud service, and that is there is no chance of missing a single file even if your phone lost. This app is free.

5. Snap Chat

If you think about the popularity of an app, Snap Chat will be on the list. This app allows its users to do video chat with different people. This is so much funny. There are so many filters which you can use for various purposes. If you send a clip, it will be deleted automatically after 10 seconds.

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