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Apr 2016
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    lindaleeu commented on What Are Some Problematic And Racist Depictions Of East Asian People In TV And Movies That You've Seen?

    The whole of M*A*S*H. The whole damn series was a caricature of Koreans and Korean culture. And one of the most infamous: “me so horny” from Full Metal Jacket. I was 14 or 15 when that film came out and I had full grown men leering and yelling that line at me on the streets.

    1 month ago

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    lindaleeu commented on Hey, Parents — What's The Most Embarrassing Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said In Public?

    She didn’t “say” it, but...all the kids in my daughter’s kindergarten had drawn pictures of their families for Open House Night. My daughter was very excited to show me her picture, which was basically 4 stick figures and a ball with hands and feet. I was the ball. 😖

    9 months ago

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    lindaleeu commented on Tell Us What Are The Wildest Misconceptions About The Female Body A Man Has Ever Told You

    A guy in high school told me that Asian woman had “horizontal vaginas.” As a Korean-American, it confused me. A LOT. I spent a good year thinking I was built differently and ultimately screwed up the courage to ask at my first gyno exam! The doctor laughed and said that was a myth… 

    2 years ago

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    lindaleeu commented on Dudes, You Have GOT To Stop Shaming The Women You Have Casual Sex With

    It's ego-driven. So many men believe that sex with them is an earth-shattering experience, that they've literally changed your life. Clinginess is expected once we women figure out that this man holds a superpower we could never find anywhere else. And if a woman's response to sex… 

    4 years ago

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    lindaleeu commented on What's Your Funniest "Parenting While Sleep Deprived" Story?

    My oldest wasn't even two when I had a second child. That first week was a blur. One night I got up to feed the baby and heard snoring as I walked past the kitchen. I'd forgotten to take the older one out of her high chair and she'd fallen asleep, using her spaghetti as a pillow.… 

    5 years ago

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