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I Am A Twilight Girl

One can be many things, but staying true to one’s identity is the greatest gift one can give themselves. To hold fast under pressure of others negativity, fluxes of life. Love yourself completely and wholeheartedly. You’re are a beautiful soul born to succeed in many ways!

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The wheel of life turns differently for each soul. Find your dirt and plant seeds.

Digital Artist - Linda J. Wolff

I am a twilight girl.

I get shy.

I wake a lot.

More than I sleep.

I overthink.

More than I speak.

I keep my doubts close

like notations on the phone yet to delete.

I preserve things like precious moments

and frozen popsicles in 93-degree heat.

I nestle in the warmth of blankets to ward off a chill,

and the scariest of creatures. Quiet thoughts are the loudest,

more likely to comfort in soul and feed creative beast.

Cold I am when I walk in snow without boots.

My biggest fear is to drown.

My biggest goal is to shine twilight across dark souls.

To glow and rise as a new dawn.

I am a twilight girl.

You will find me cheerful at 4:30 am in the summer.

You will only ever see me with steam brimming off of coffee cup.

I will give you pieces to mull over in mind.

I write it all.

This life—

I think it not perfect.

I think of all of it, and it might not be kind, and it is.

But who cares what’s not perfect, when you’re enchanted by a 4:30 am new dawn rising and warmth of an ever-changing escape offering life, love, and hope.

Despite all the gray clouds and the uphill and downhill battles.

I still am colorful of lavender, red, and teal greens.

I still am colorful.

Still, a silent howl when you bend an ear.

I am a wild rose reaching for caress and trying not to wilt at the same time.

I am only noticed…in my most withered state if only my fallen petals are fragrant enough for you to inhale, and to see the frailty of life.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017

| I Am a Twilight Girl |

A free verse poetry.

Poet - Derrick Brown...Between Love and Death

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

Thought I'd share it, it really shows the creativity and talent of Derrick Brown. How he brings you to a state of tears is profound. It hit me in the core of my being, my wholeness. You might enjoy it too.

Life is breath. Life is in no words, yet, seen.

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Is life so busy, there's no notice of each others silence of words. I hear the chatter of nothing. Eyes glued to square boxes. Is this audible.

Pain, loss, and struggles don't define who we are, who we choose to be, yesterday, now, tomorrow.

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I define who I am. Not where I've been.

When I Feel

I don’t know if any living thing is perfect.

When I am sad

I don’t cry; tears pour from eyes.

Like a tree going through changes of seasons.

Leaves fall.

When I am happy; a smile glows from my face.

Is this of the flowers when the sun

gives a warm embrace.

When I am angry; yelling is not for me.

I don’t yell; I burn.

Like a tree struck by lightning. When I resolve.

I talking quietly, softly like a spring breeze whispering to nature,

Come let’s grow together.

Of these extremes in feelings

When I love, I love completely.

Giving my love wings like an eagle,

I soar wild into a blue.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017

|When I Feel|

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