23 Totally Irresistible Ways To Eat Peas This Spring

    Wait...reci-peas?? YES.

    1. Oh hey there, sweet pea. Long time no see.

    2. Look at you mingling so effortlessly with all that couscous and shrimp.

    3. And leaping from the lemon butter to the grill and straight into my stomach/heart.

    4. *audible gasp* This is all happening so fast...

    5. *fans self*

    6. Chicken and chorizo paella? Don't mind if I do.

    7. This flatbread would be nothing without you, snap pea.

    8. Guacamol-pea? Why the hell not.


    10. Look at you making all this potato salad's wildest dreams come true.

    11. These ginger-lime noodles have never been happier.

    12. "Tie me up and cover me in peas, please." —This chicken, probably

    13. Goddamn.

    14. Wait, what are you doing all up in this pile of ham and eggs and tortillas and cheese?

    15. Fritters? More like flirt-ters, amiright? *swoons*

    16. That's some adults-only pasta right there.

    17. *moans*

    18. OMG stop, you're embarrassing me!

    19. Falafel? For sure.

    20. Well I never...

    21. This might be crossing a line.

    22. *drools vigorously*

    23. I'm, um...I'll be right back.

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