Where (Not) To Flirt At The Gym

    "You lift here often, bro?

    There's an art to successful flirting at the gym. Here's where — and where not — to make your moves.

    28. Through the window

    27. At the front desk

    26. In the locker room

    25. In a head harness

    24. In the pool

    23. On the court

    22. On a BOSU balance trainer

    So good for those fast twitch muscles, but so bad for looking like you have any control over your fine motor skills. When they tell you to "wobble baby" on the dance floor, this isn't what they mean.

    21. With your personal trainer

    No. Just no. He's enthusiastic about your fitness and your cash, not actually getting to know you. So cut the small talk and get to grunting.

    20. On a Pilates Reformer

    19. On the pull-up bar

    18. On neighboring StairMasters

    17. On neighboring treadmills

    Ditto the StairMaster thing, plus shin splints. But there is something flirty fun in challenging your neighbor to a secret race...

    16. On neighboring ellipticals

    On the one hand, the elliptical is total bullshit — which muscles are you actually working? But that graceful gazelle-like stride is kind of irresistible. *sigh* Flirt on, lusty lopers.

    15. On neighboring row machines

    14. On the lying leg curl machine

    13. Mid-Zumba

    If you've got rhythm, this is your time to shine. And even if you don't, nobody really knows what's going on here, so just have fun and make meaningful eye contact with that twerker to your left.

    12. In spin class

    11. While kettlebelling

    Kettlebells are the new catch-all exercise — they're great for your glutes, gastrocnemii, and "grip strength," which all seem super important ~sexually~. So give yourself over to the 'bells and just lose control.

    10. While kickboxing

    What's cuter than a quick kick to the gut? Probably a lot of things. But kickboxing let's the world know that you're not messing around when it comes to your fists — or your heart.

    9. All over the free weights

    Boring, maybe, but everybody loves a good bicep curl or overhead press. Get after it!

    8. On the hip abductor

    No comment.

    7. At the drinking fountain

    6. Anywhere in the power rack

    5. Seated in the Captain's Chair

    4. In the squat rack

    3. At the smoothie bar

    Granted, not all gyms come equipped with a full-fledged juice/smoothie bar — maybe because they know what a hotbed of sexy these places can be. It's basically a regular bar with whey protein instead of whiskey. See that girl knocking back an XXL Orange Creamsicle Protein Blaster Extreme+Creatine and Glutamine and a little bit of Ketamine? She means business.

    2. On the mats

    The mats are your playground. Everybody comes here to stretch but they're actually just looking for a show. So really open up your hips and sink into those "yoga" poses you read about in Cosmo. Anything is possible.

    1. In the mirror

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's got the fairest buns of all? You do! They might as well call you Snow Tight because you're looking fine as hell. Remember, the hottest piece in the gym is always yourself. So smile, wink, flex, and flirt away, because you look good and that's all that really matters.