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29 Times Dogs Perfectly Summed Up Your Squad Goals

~dog goals~

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1. When the squad totally delivers on your birthday:

2. When somebody ruins a perfectly good group shot:

3. When the lighting is perfect:

4. When none of these are going to work:

5. When you can't decide where to go out to eat:

7. When you have big plans but don't even make it out the door:

8. When everybody's flaunting their new look:

9. When the selfie stick actually comes through:

10. When Jenny won't give back that shirt she borrowed:

11. When you totally nail the candid:

12. When you're *still* waiting on Susan.

14. When you're the only one who knows where you're going:

15. When you're secretly annoyed with everyone and have to Snapchat it out:

17. When you're next in line to get into the club:

18. When you're all fighting over the same man:

19. When you're all feeling your looks:

20. When you think you found your lost squadette but it's actually just a crab:

21. When the squad gets too big:

22. When a stranger tries to cut in and none of you really knows what to do:

23. When you're all a goddamn mess:

24. When you've had it with each other:

25. When y'all kiss and make up:

26. When you might be related:

27. When you think the angle is more flattering than it actually is:

28. When you snag one last good pic:

And finally...

29. When you officially call it a night:

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