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If You Ever Feel Like Spending $95 Million On An Apartment In NYC.

Because who hasn't got 95 million dollars to spare?

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If you don't like elevators maybe don't rent here.

As you eat your caviar, you can enjoy the wonderful view and laugh at all the peasants below

Not that you will ever cook, but if you ever feel like a glass of ''water'', there is a kitchen. ''Oh Butler, how do i get wine to come out of this tap?''

After you grab your glass of wine from your kitchen, you may proceed to lounge on one of your chaise longue's, here in the room with the chandelier, where you will hire Sia to sing chandelier during dinner:

or can even use your telescope to look at the moon, not that you need a telescope when you're so close

or here...''oh butler, play me some tunes please, maybe a slow unplugged version of anaconda by nicki minaj''

Or go into your special view room, because of course you have a room just for the view

Or enjoy your petite croissant at your modest bar, ''Oh Butler, get me some fresh-squeezed jus d'orange please, and make it snappy''

If you ever feel like cleaning yourself, don't you worry, there's a room for that too, and of course there's the view.

1396 feet above the rest of the concrete, for only 95 million dollars, finally a way to tower above all the poor

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