Top 17 Similarities Between Children And Drug Addicts

Ever think to yourself, “those homeless junkies really remind me of my children” and feel bad? Well, here’s a list of 17 reasons why you’re not entirely wrong.

1. They can’t sit up straight.

2. Liquids put them to sleep.

3. They’ll sell anything for cash.

4. They throw a fit if they don’t get their juice.

5. They smile at inappropriate times.

6. They should NEVER be behind the wheel.

7. They make anywhere their home, ugh.

8. You can’t take them to a nice restaurant without them making a scene.

10. They don’t have all their teeth.

11. It’s always their family’s fault.

12. Everything is a production.

14. But they’re kind of cute.

16. They’ll take anyone to bed.

17. And most of the time, they are a success story.

And 25 years sober!

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