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Top 12 Bizarre Celebrity Doppelgängers

Sometimes celebrities disappear—and sometimes re-appear people?

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1. Billy Corgan Turned Cuban and Became Pitbull

2. Eve Turned White and Became P!NK

3. Chris Left GIRLS to Shine as Jon Snow

4. Nelly Furtado Left Her Singing Career to Move to 90210, Got Bored and Became Idina Menzel

5. Jaime Pressly Prefers to Go By Margot Robbie

6. Jenny McCarthy Became Jenna Jameson

7. But Then Jenna Jameson Turned Into Tan Mom

8. After Grey's Anatomy Killed Off Denny Duquette, The Coen Brothers Hired Him to be Javier Bardem

9. Luke Wilson Turned Spanish and Became Placido Domingo

10. For David, Call 800-818-1818 (Juan Dominguez)

11. If You Go See a Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert, Make Sure to Check Out the Drummer, Will Ferrell

12. Blue Isn't the Only Color Debbie Downer Feels

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