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Animals Who Are Having A Tough Time

Because humans aren't the only ones facing mental illness and daily misfortunes.

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1. Moth having a manic breakdown on acid

2. Human realizing he was reincarnated into a dog

3. The cat who doesn't have the luxury of an optometrist


4. Oy, the cat in the peak of his rage blackout

5. The giraffe who misses her ex-boyfriend

6. The hardworking cats enduring little payoff

7. The lemur who just got into a fight with his teenage daughter

8. And his friend the ex-con, running from the cops

9. The monkey who is lying about his depression

10. The guy who can't afford a nose job

11. The monkey who was just called a ginger

12. The monkey with a backache

13. The pigeon who just wants to meet Lady Gaga

14. The sloth who has no friends

15. The sadistic lead singer of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Sloth

16. The bear with no identity of self

17. The egomaniac

18. The manatee with abandonment issues

19. The fish who looked into the mirror after taking peyote

20. The elephant seal who has no idea he's crazy

21. The hippopotamus with lockjaw

22. The offended fox

23. The horse who idolizes Miss Piggy

24. The goat with acid reflux

25. The lamb who will be alone forever

26. The dog who was late to his Hedwig and the Angry Inch rehearsal

27. The gorilla who feels ripped off by Herman Munster

28. The gorilla expressing a cry for help

(He later attended The Betty Ford center and is now 100 days sober)

(He later attended The Betty Ford center and is now 100 days sober)

29. The owl with agoraphobia (he is also 85)

30. The monkey who can't quit reality TV

31. Him

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