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This Child Does NOT Have Cancer!

Everybody sees this goofball and immediately thinks he has cancer. Not so much. He has ALOPECIA. Everything works great...except the hair follicles, they don't work so well.

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Taking a bath is an amazing time for Cole. Do we waste time on shampoo? HA no! Do we spring for the fancy hair goop? No! Do we use bubbles and give him bubble hair? OMG yes.

Here is a short list of things that children with alopecia can do...

1.) Everything any other kid can do. / Via http://Google

Cole may never grow hair, or maybe he will. There's no way to know. Baldness aside, he is the happiest and most cheerful child in the whole entire world. Don't let Cole and kids like Cole lose their spirit. They are beautiful.

Hair loss in children is actually not very common. However, it is significant enough that nearly 2 million children suffer from at least one form of Alopecia (hair loss) or another in the United States alone

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