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Whitney And Sada From "The Real L Word" Are Coming Back To Us

They'll be on the next season of Couples Therapy, unsurprisingly.

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You remember Whitney and Sada* from The Real L Word.

*Yes, it used to be spelled "Sara," but she now goes by "Sada."

They got married during the last season of the show.

This was a big deal, because Whitney apparently was terrified of love:

But then she had so many EMOTIONS!

And they were really dramatic, which meant we loved watching them.

Also, this very important moment happened:

Well, it turns out that Whitney and Sada will be a part of the fourth season of Couples Therapy.

Couples Therapy is a show on VH1 where famous couples quite literally go through a two week intensive therapy session on air.

So, joy of joys, we'll get to see more of this:


And this:

Wow such drama, much lesbian.

And of course, whatever this is:


So finally, let's relive this really totally genuinely romantic moment from the celebration of their love:

This should be fun.

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