Two Men Go To Great Lengths To Get Legally Married

This is the most bittersweet video you’ll watch today.

1. This is John Arthur.

He has a neurological disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. ALS progressively takes away patients’ ability to walk, talk, and breathe. John was diagnosed with this disease a little over two years ago.

2. Here he is with his husband, Jim Obergefell.

3. They’ve been together for 20 years.

4. John has gone from using a cane to a manual wheelchair to an automatic wheelchair.

5. They were delighted by the news that DOMA had been struck down.

They had not previously gotten married because their marriage would not be recognized on a federal level.

6. However, they needed to travel to Maryland to get married.

They live in Ohio, where same-sex marriage is still banned. So they decided on marriage in Maryland, where only one partner needed to apply for the marriage license, and then travel there to have the ceremony.

7. This is more difficult than it might seem.

Because John is bedridden, they needed to get a private jet to fly them the hour-long trip to Maryland.

8. The private jet that was needed cost $12,700.

As soon as they heard the Supreme Court decision, the couple reached out to friends and family to see how they could make this trip happen.

9. Donations made the trip possible.

On Tuesday, they traveled by jet to an airport in Baltimore with a nurse riding with them.

10. The ceremony was held in the plane, on the tarmac.

John’s aunt officiated the wedding.

12. The couple celebrated briefly on the tarmac before heading back to Ohio.

13. Congratulations, John and Jim.

You two are wonderful.

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