This Video Will Tell You What Makes You Gay

Spoiler alert: it has to do with alien/angels who look suspiciously like George Michael. I mean….

1. In 1992, an Evangelical Christian group made a movie called “Moment of Truth” about the evils of being gay.

A supercut of the movie has been made, and it is fabulous.

2. Meet Cheff and Anon, angels who seem to watch over a man named Norman.

3. They watch footage of Norman’s early years together.

Norman’s dad apparently divorced Norman’s mom. Also, homosexuality is called “the disease that has infected mankind.”

4. We then are led to understand that the divorce of Norman’s parents made him gay.

Here’s Norman wearing a tank top and washing a car.

5. Then we meet Allen, the “former homosexual.” He asks Norman if he believes in Heaven.

It sounds like the beginning of a pick up line.

6. He then gives Norman a Bible…WITH HIS NUMBER WRITTEN IN IT. No joke.


7. Then we meet “the demon assigned to keep Norman from The Master.”

“The Master.” Really? They couldn’t think of anything that sounded less kinky than that?

8. Some boring-looking people call each other to organize a “prayer chain.”


Does group phone sex exist? Because that’s what this looks like.


Ooh, yeah, pray to me harder.

10. The phone sex/prayer chain seems to allow Cheff and Anon to banish Mr. Scary Demon from where he’s snuggling with Norman in his bed.

Don’t you hate that one friend who skips out on having group phone sex to go cuddle with their creepy demon lover? It’s so annoying.

“Don’t you KNOCK?”

12. Norman is, presumably, cured of his homosexuality.

Cheff and Anon are, however, not cured of their poor fashion sense. It’s a cruel world.

13. Watch the delightful supercut here:

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