Taken Out Of Context, These Vintage Comic Book Panels Are Wildly Homoerotic

Comically Vintage takes vintage comic book panels out of context. The result is quite often homoerotic.

The super addictive Tumblr Comically Vintage does a great job of showing us just how gay comics were before a gay character, like Kevin Keller, even started appearing in strips. Comically Vintage has collected thousands of panels from old comic books, ripped them from their storylines, and — as their tagline says — “Hilarity ensues.”

2. There are panels that are sweet:

6. Panels that show that moment of revelation:

Clearly she doesn’t know about Robin.

11. And then there are the panels that are downright raunchy:

15. There are those that deal with the difficult process of coming out:

Indeed. Maybe you are.

19. And of course, some panels that just make it clear that we can never use some words that way again.

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