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    Larry Kramer Got Married This Morning In His Hospital Bed

    The gay rights activist and playwright married his longtime partner David Webster despite having just had surgery.

    Larry Kramer and his partner, David Webster, were married this morning.

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    The couple has been together since the 1990's.

    Larry Kramer, the gay rights activist and author famous for writing the play "The Normal Heart," went to the hospital on Friday and had bypass surgery on Saturday.

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    Kramer and Webster had set the date a few weeks before the hospitalization, planning for the ceremony to be held on their Greenwich Village terrace with just two witnesses and the officiant.

    Webster was travelling when Kramer checked himself into the hospital:

    When I was back and he was able to talk, he told me he had invited 20 people to the I.C.U. for the wedding. So it turned into a little party at his bedside.

    They exchanged rings and unscripted vows in the hospital room.

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    Webster said, "Why would Larry need a script?"

    Webster said that Kramer finally felt ready to marry in light of DOMA being stuck down.

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    Kramer has essentially scoffed at same-sex marriages in the United States for many years, because they could not gain any benefits on a federal level. But he was finally ready to tie the knot after the recent Supreme Court rulings.