Ke$ha’s Backup Dancers Perform For Westboro Baptist Church

When the group protested outside her concert, Ke$ha sent them a surprise.

1. Westboro Baptist Church’s latest stop on their homophobic hate-tour was Ke$ha’s show in Nebraska on Sunday.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

2. Now, we all know how Ke$ha feels about haters:

Haters make her cry! Don’t cry, Ke$ha.

3. As part of WBC’s protest of her show, they sang these lyrics they wrote to the tune of “We R Who We R”

Your hearts are turning hard
God smacks this world of ours
He’ll tear it all apart
You think you’re superstars
God hates who you are!
Your proud and Bible dumb
Your consciences are numb
In God’s eyes you are dung
You think you’re superstars
God hates who you are!

4. What does Ke$ha think of these updated lyrics?

5. So she sent her backup dancers to spice WBC’s performance up!

6. Hope you liked the surprise performance, WBC!

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