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Fierce And Fabulous Street Art From All Over The World

This queer graffiti is beautiful, funny, and seriously badass.

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1. St. Louis, Missouri

2. Victoria, Australia

3. Paris, France

Art by C215

4. Brighton, England

5. Toronto, Canada

6. Glasgow, Scotland

by SmugOne / Via

7. Isla Vista, California

8. Sarajevo, Bosnia

Translates to "love."

Translates to "love."

9. Tel Aviv

10. Berlin, Germany

11. Vic, Spain

12. San Francisco, California

13. Cairo, Egypt

14. Constance, Germany

It translates to "Love knows no gender."

It translates to "Love knows no gender."

15. Dublin, Ireland

16. France

17. Guadalajara, Mexico

18. North Island, New Zealand

19. Athens, Greece

20. Zurich, Switzerland

21. Tallin, Estonia

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