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    15 Animals Who Are Tired Of Waiting For The Supreme Court Decisions On DOMA And Proposition 8

    Can we just get on with this already?

    1. This kitten just can't believe The Supreme Court justices haven't made up their minds yet.

    2. This lizard is totally giving the Supreme Court side-eye.

    3. This dog was all ready to go celebrate the decision, but now he has to wait until at least Thursday.

    4. This seal is so tired of all this waiting on the Prop 8 decision, she doesn't even want to go for a swim.

    5. This koala is really regretting waking up before noon to be ready for the DOMA/Prop 8 decision.

    6. This gorilla is about to go write the angriest Facebook status of his life.

    7. This cat doesn't see the point of catching a mouse if it can't be legally recognized as the shared property between him and his husband.

    8. This jaguar is considering just giving up and moving to Canada.

    9. This Californian dog was so excited about being your bridesmaid, and now she just has to wait.

    10. This red panda doesn't want to see the phrase "DOMA" again unless it's followed by "decision."

    11. This lemur is just disgusted by how long this is taking.

    12. If this horse had palms, he would be face-palming right now.

    13. This cat was so excited to get married at the courthouse in San Francisco today, and NOW HE CAN'T.

    14. This dog can't believe you want him to catch that frisbee when humans can't even make one stupid decision.

    15. This kitten is so over it. You can wake her up when something actually happens.