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A Complete List Of All Things Gay At The VMAs

What with Lance Bass, "Same Love," and Richard Simmons, they may have been the gayest yet.

1. When Lance Bass returned and got felt up by JC Chasez:

2. Lady Gaga's entire presence:

3. When Richard Simmons showed up like this:

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

4. When Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift experienced The Lesbian Merge:

5. When A$AP Rocky wildly gestured to Jason Collins while saying "homosexuality."

6. When Louis and Harry cuddled during "Same Love":

7. When Naya Rivera was there and briefly walked away from Big Sean for long enough for us to pretend she really was Santana.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

8. When Miley Cyrus legitimately shoved her face into some woman's ass:

9. When Jennifer Hudson and Mary Lambert sang to each other:

BONUS: Jennifer Hudson had an undercut, I kid you not.

10. When "Same Love" won Best Video with a Social Message:

(Points off for the only gay person on stage during that time not giving an acceptance speech.)

But seriously, watch this performance:

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Over and over and over and over again.