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9 Androgynous Clothing Labels You Should Know

In a perfect world, masculine clothing for a variety of body types would be mainstream. But this is not a perfect world, so we scrounged up nine small companies that are making androgynous fashion that's (relatively) affordable.

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1. Original Tomboy

Original Tomboy is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The fashion line has a comfortable and unique fit that looks good on both women and men. And the brand's prices are a little bit more affordable than most brands in this list -- Original Tomboy shirts are in the $30 range.


2. Androgyny

Androgyny is based in California, and makes solely button-up shirts that are not too form-fitting and don't have darting as women's shirts often do, but are also not too baggy or long, as men's shirts often are. Of course, the shirts are $125 each, minimum. Sigh.

3. Marimacho

Marimacho is a Brooklyn-based creation of an adorable couple who saw a need for masculine clothes that would fit diverse bodies. The best part is the brand's swimsuits -- masculine suits that still cover up the person's chest.

4. HauteButch

HauteButch is based in California, and is a clothing brand "by a butch woman for butch women." The company sells heavily lesbian-centric clothing, which is sometimes cute and usually super expensive.


6. Wildfang

Wildfang is based in Portland. It bills itself as clothing for tomboys, appropriating menswear-inspired pieces. Casey Legler and Kate Moenning, lesbian dreamboats, have both modeled for the line.


7. Saint Harridan

Facebook: SaintHarridan

St. Harridan is an Oakland-based brand created by Mary Going after she could not find anything to wear to her wedding. The company mostly sells one suit -- tailored to fit women's bodies perfectly.

8. Veer NYC

Veer NYC makes "women's androgynous fashion." The clothes are dark and mysterious, and by the looks of it, there are some great pieces. The brand doesn't launch until Sept. 5, though, so get excited!


VEEA was created by Vee and A, siblings who saw a personal and global need for androgynous runway fashions for women. VEEA's website says that the collection is "coming soon," so keep your eyes peeled.


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