8 Times Women Played With Gender Roles In Their Music Videos

“Wish we could switch up the roles.”

1. Robyn — “U Should Know Better” ft. Snoop Dogg

Robyn herself does not cross-dress, but a little boy basically plays her, and a woman plays Snoop Dogg.

It’s super adorable.

Boy-Robyn has her signature moves down:


And Robyn herself shows up as Boy-Robyn’s mom.


Robyn’s experiences of being misgendered were fodder for the video:



It happens to the best of us, Robyn.

2. Jessie J — “Do It Like A Dude”

OK, the whole song is based on defying gender roles. But this is a very important moment:

Because she’s Jessie J, and she can say that, and it’s somehow great.

And then she grabs her crotch a lot.


Not complaining.

Also, this happens, so.

So many reasons to watch this video. There are literally no men in this entire video about doing “it” like one. Only fine, fine ladies.

3. Eurythmics — “Who’s That Girl”

Seeing Annie Lennox looking this feminine is already sort of surprising, since she’s usually androgynous:

She looks great in that dress though. Get it, girl.

But Annie in drag shows up at the very end:

And then this totally realistic-looking kiss happens.

Hey, if I were Annie Lennox, I’d do it too.

4. Ciara — “Like A Boy”

She has the macho posturing down.


And it really works for her.

She dances with herself in a suit and a dress:

She actually makes a cute couple.

And repeatedly grabs her crotch:


There seems to be a theme emerging.

And this is just a gift to us all:

5. Beyonce — “If I Were A Boy”

She switches up gender roles and plays the cop to her boyfriend’s secretary, and it’s super hot.

Yes please.

I mean, check it out:

She also helps Guy Cop practice shooting, because she knows silly men can’t shoot guns.

This particular moment really solidifies how we all feel about her in this video:

6. Lady Gaga — “You and I”

Lady Gaga goes into full-on drag in this music video, as Jo Calderon, her alter ego.

Who knew her alter ego was this hot?

Lady Gaga hangs out with her manly self, just like Ciara.

They sing to each other! Jo pounds himself on the chest because that’s what manly men do!

But they get (she gets?) a little more intimate, à la Eurythmics.

In fact, Jo looks an awful lot like Annie Lennox in drag. Eyebrows raised, Lady Gaga.

7. Pink — “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

Everything is pretty straight until she rolls up in the club like this:

That slicked-back hair really does it for her. She is quite the dandy.

And finds this girl and starts dancing with her:

They look eerily similar, but no judgement here.

Get it, girl.

Of course, femme girl ruins Pink’s life by marrying her boyfriend or something, but we can just revel in the beauty of them dancing together for now.

8. Missy Elliot — “Work It”

She totally refuses to be objectified in, like, any music video, but also in this one.

Missy has no time to get pampered at a beauty salon.

And she hollers at a guy in his car:

Which, let’s face it, is definitely a role reversal. In the music video she also whines and dines a man.

Here she is with a bunch of basically naked girls just chillin in her butch outfit:

I see you, Missy.

And then these men are more objectified than she is.

Yeah, Missy Elliot turned that gaze on the men. Bow. Down.

And here’s one more crotch grab:

Who are your favorite female musicians who defy gender?

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