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37 Times You Come Out Over The Course Of Your Life

Because it doesn't just happen on one day.

1. First of all, you have to come out to yourself.

2. Perhaps your current boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Of course, there's coming out to your parents.

4. And your grandparents.

5. And your siblings.

6. You tell your close friends.

7. But then you have to start telling your less-close acquaintances.

8. And then to your friends' parents when they start asking personal questions.

9. And then your Facebook friends.

10. And your Tumblr followers.

11. And your Twitter followers.

12. When it's time to get a date for prom.

13. And your coworkers every time you start a new job, and you start chatting about relationships around the watercooler.

14. Every time you're looking for a new apartment and have to explain that your partner is not your "roommate."

15. When you meet your new roommates.

16. Every time a member of the opposite sex hits on you.

17. Also, every time you hit on someone.

18. And, if you're bi, every time you start seeing someone.

19. Every time you see a new doctor.

20. And every time you get an STD test.

21. Every time little kids ask you why you're kissing your partner.

22. And every time a child asks why you don't have a boy/girlfriend.

23. Every time you get new neighbors.

24. Every time you're answering a survey that asks about your marital status.

25. Every time you start a new semester in college and face classes full of strangers that you'll be sharing personal information with.

26. And when you have to talk to your professors one-on-one.

27. When you run into exes.

28. Every time one of your parents introduces you to a new friend or significant other.

29. Your teammates.

30. When waiters aren't sure if they should split the check for you and your partner.

31. When your hair stylist starts making small talk.

32. When you see your former bosses.

33. Every time someone makes a gay joke in your presence.

34. Any time someone asks if you want kids, and you have to explain that it's complicated for you.

35. On that note, when you're applying to adopt.

36. And every single time anyone asks you if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Yeah, go ahead and try to do that all in one day.

37. And that doesn't even include all the times you have to come out if you're trans.