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    21 Times "She's The Man" Totally Destroyed Gender Norms

    Shakespeare was responsible for the role-switching, but She's The Man brought out all the subtleties.

    1. When Viola responded to her boyfriend trying to tell her what to do like this:

    2. When Viola pointed out the complete nonsense of "ladylike" manners.

    3. Every time Viola was strong, sassy, and sure of herself.

    4. When Viola (as Sebastian) developed this confidence:

    Because, yes, you are.

    5. When Sebastian showed the boys that there was no reason to be scared of tampons.

    6. When Sebastian pointed out that Duke had emotions.

    7. When Sebastian exposed the hilarity of macho slang.

    8. When this happened, completely altering every girls' understanding about their sexuality.

    9. When Sebastian pointed out that inner beauty matters just as much as outer beauty.

    10. When Viola showed us that boobs are no big deal.

    11. When someone deftly pointed out that sex work is a job like any other.

    12. When you found yourself saying "good point" to this comment:

    13. When Sebastian said this and it suddenly made you rethink ever buying Cosmo magazine.

    14. When Sebastian's genitalia didn't dictate his gender expression.

    15. When Duke had an emotional, honest chat with his guy friend.

    16. When the homoerotic subtext was incredibly intense.

    Really intense.


    17. When Sebastian realized that everyone expected his genitalia to match his gender expression.

    18. When Viola just generally used fluid gendered pronouns.

    19. When Viola showed that there was no real necessity to wearing a bra.

    How she ran without it hurting is beyond me, but hey.

    20. When Paul pointed out that everyone has aspects of both genders.

    21. And, of course, when Viola kicked ass.