21 Times Rickie Vasquez From "My So-Called Life" Spoke Directly To Your Heart

    Rayanne Graff doesn't deserve you, beautiful boy.

    1. When all he wanted to do was hang out in the girls' bathroom.

    2. And when he danced around that bathroom as if he didn't have a care in the world.

    3. When he watched porn with an investigative eye.

    4. When he expressed what we're all feeling, all the time.

    5. When he outed himself as a loner.

    6. When he proved he was a fiercely loyal friend.

    7. And when he was super cuddly, too.

    8. When he deftly pointed out key personality traits.

    9. When he wore this vest.

    10. And then when he wore it again with ANOTHER outfit.

    11. When he made you cry over Rayanne with him.

    12. When his desperation to be "normal" broke you into tiny pieces.

    13. And when that didn't work out, he gave this consolation prize.

    14. When he was the sassiest person to ever attend high school.

    15. When he did a great job of side-eyeing misogyny.

    16. When his body language directly related to how you feel all the time.

    17. When he shared his unlimited expertise on how girls date.

    18. And he provided expert boy advice.

    19. And makeup advice.

    20. When he facilitated two people coming together in love.

    21. And, of course, when he demonstrated literally the best dance moves in history.

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