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20 Signs You Base Your Relationship Off Of "Thelma And Louise"

"Ya women are crazy!"

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1. You're obsessed with perfecting the art of selfies.

2. You're always very well-prepared when you go on trips together.

3. You always protect each other.

4. You like to keep each other guessing.

5. You're always practical.

6. You support each other in your hobbies.

7. You know you're not settling.

8. You're blatantly suspicious of men who hit on you in bars.

9. And men often tell you this:

10. You wouldn't be surprised if they started shouting this at you, either:

11. You're concerned with each others' sexual satisfaction.

12. You share the same moral code.

13. You make sure to show your appreciation for each other.

14. And you wish you could fight each others' battles all the time.

15. You know you bring out the best in each other.

16. And you're honest about where you came from.

17. You make sure to sweetly say each others' names.

18. You're glad to be with each other even if things go awry.

19. You know the importance of a well-timed kiss.

20. And you could go anywhere together.


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