16 Times The Simpsons Gave You Material For Your Gender Studies Midterm

“If you were a boy, you’d be a scientist.”

1. When Homer demonstrated gender as performance:

2. When Lisa confronted sexism:

3. When these kids called out the ridiculousness of using “gay” as an insult:

4. Every time Smithers had to confront his sexuality:

5. When this man respected Marge’s consent:

8. When Homer deftly pointed out gender inequities:

9. When Bart complained about his ovaries:

10. When Queen Elizabeth decided gender wasn’t a deciding factor in her attraction:

11. When Homer casually announced this:

12. When Bart chose Millhouse over some girl:

14. And Ralph was Star Wars:

15. When people constantly cross-dressed:

16. And, of course, when Marge opened up the world to Bart.

Good job, Marge. Good job.

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