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15 Lessons You Learn When You Move In With Your Girlfriend

Two lesbians living together = feelings, overstuffed closets, feelings, cat hair, and feelings.

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1. You become an expert in closet space-saving lifehacks.

Help! Why do we have so many clothes?

Help! Why do we have so many clothes?

2. And your closet ends up looking something like this:

3. You see no point in keeping your clothes separate, because you share clothes all the time anyway.

4. But that also means that you leave the house wearing almost identical outfits multiple times a week.

5. Your Netflix suggestions look something like this:

The tears!

The tears!

6. You're great at unclogging drains.

So much hair all over the place! Why?
Flickr: arlen

So much hair all over the place! Why?

7. Your medicine cabinet, which used to look like this:

#organized #everythinginitsplace #colorcoordinated #everythingfits
Flickr: cierah

#organized #everythinginitsplace #colorcoordinated #everythingfits

Will never be so neat again.

#help #theresnotevenaplaceformytampons #whydogirlshavesomuchSTUFF

8. You want to take all of the showers together, until someone has to shave their legs.

Yeah, that doesn't work.

9. Running out of tampons is a whole new terror.

10. Likewise when someone eats the last of the chocolate in the house.

11. There is literally no end to processing your feelings.

12. You've started to think it looks weird when people don't have cat hair all over their clothes.

13. You make up excuses to go to Ikea about once a month.

14. And you don't really see your friends unless they are willing to come over.

15. Because, in the end, you're living with your best friend already.

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