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    14 Reasons Kristen Stewart Would Be The Best Girlfriend

    Lesbians have always had a thing for Kstew, and here's why.

    1. She shares your penchant for leather jackets:

    Jason Binn / WireImage / Getty Images

    You could practically share wardrobes!

    2. She looks great in a blazer:

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters


    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    3. She also looks great in flannel:

    You're clearly not human if this does nothing for you.

    4. She'd be sensitive to your emotions.

    5. She loves cats almost as much as you do.

    6. She looks like she'd be a great kisser:

    Scratch that, she is a great kisser.

    7. Clearly, your sex life would be amazing:

    Because she would...challenge you.

    8. You'd have similar desires:


    9. She knows what's important:

    10. She'd sometimes get distracted because she just wants to be close to you:

    11. She has a way with words:


    12. She takes joy in intimidating men:

    13. Which means she would always protect you.


    Yeah, I think we're all pretty protective of that "certain thing."

    14. And of course, she's totally unique.

    So, Kristen, will you please switch teams and become my girlfriend?

    Well, I thought I'd give it a shot.