13 Things You Learn When You Date Both Men And Women

Love is love, but there are some differences. Slightly NSFW.

As a girl who’s done both, this is what I’ve learned:

1. It’s a lot easier for two girls to have sex in a shower…

…than it is for a straight couple to have sex in a shower.

2. Men somehow grow hair everywhere.

3. Your partner assumes you desperately want to have sex with a penis, no matter who you’re with.

So men think that they’re giving you a great gift just because of what’s in their pants.

And women are constantly concerned that you’ll leave them for a man.

4. Being the same gender often makes for perfect cuddling size.


(Sorry. If this isn’t true for you, I feel for you.)

But that makes it a lot harder to do this:

The alternative, while maybe not as physically exhausting, is a whole different kind of difficult.

6. Girls have so many toiletries!

How are you supposed to find room in your bathroom for all of that?

7. Women have really been taught to cry a lot easier…

And men have been taught to keep their emotions pretty far from the surface.

8. Guys generally think periods are terrifying.

When it is that time of month for you and your girlfriend, though…


9. Girls really do take longer to get ready.


10. You’ll feel a lot more like you need to shave your legs for men.


Whereas girls understand you don’t naturally come that way.

11. You (probably) don’t reap the benefits of your opposite-sex partner’s wardrobe.


12. When you’re in a “straight” relationship, there are gendered rules you usually follow for dates.


But when you’re dating someone of the same gender, the rules aren’t so clear.

13. But this, most of all:

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