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The 8 Worst Series Finales Of Modern Television

The 8 Worst Series Finales Of Modern Television

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8. Sex and the City

On February 22nd, 2004, HBO aired the last episode of Sex and the City, and to those who followed the show closely, it was an utter disappointment. It was all to predictable to say the least. Our stylish heroine, Carrie Bradshaw, ended up with exactly who we though she would. Charlotte York got her happy ending with the adoption of baby Lily. Miranda receives approval from her up-tight Ukrainian house keeper...and that's it. And finally, Samantha, the promiscuous comic relief, does a total character 180, and settles down. Let's have a moment of silence to thank the film gods for producing the Sex and the City Movie in 2008, along with some interesting drama for the plot.

7. Seinfeld

On May 14th, 1998, 76 million people tuned in to the Seinfeld finale. The last episode was interesting, but didn't contribute to the story whatsoever. The sitcom has been labeled "the show about nothing" and the finale was no different. Instead of ending with any kind of a bang or surprise, Seinfeld chose to spend their last time-slot re-living some of the shows classic moments through previous character cameos. Was it entertaining? Yes, but it takes more than a good chuckle to make a good series finale.

6. Entourage

On September 11th, 2011, we tuned into Entourage for the last time. Many fans have complained that the episode made for a perfect season finale, but a crummy series finale. The character Ari is offered his big break in the TV/Film industry in the very last scene, the the episode ends before Ari accepts or turns down the position...resulting in one of the biggest television cliffhangers of all time. But fans are getting excited, as filming for the Entourage film adaption has just wrapped and will be coming to theaters very soon.

5. Lost

On May 23rd, 2010 the lost were found in the series finale of Lost. Even the biggest fans of the show were shocked by the unfulfilling finale. The entire series kept the audience on their toes in amazement, as each episode became more and more puzzling. Everyone thought that the final episode would answer all of our questions, but no. Not only were the mysteries of the island unsolved, but the theories that the island was purgatory were debunked, leaving audience members in the dark more than ever.

4. The Soprano's

On June 10th 2007, audience members weren't sure exactly how to feel about the Soprano's series finale. The mobster saga was unresolved when the screen went to black mid-scene. This wasn't the first time the show utilized the blackout, but this time the timing seemed rather unusual. Some thought that the cliff-hanger was a brilliant tactic, but others had to many questions left unanswered to be satisfied. The most puzzling question of all...was Tony Soprano killed?

3. How I Met Your Mother

On March 31st, 2014, How I Met Your mother came to an end. We actually find out how the character of Ted met his children's mother in the previous season, but in the series finale we find out that the mother has actually been dead throughout the entire show. It's the ending we all saw coming, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing. The finale also strays from the shows reoccurring theme of finding your one true love. If it weren't for Lily and Marshall's characters still being very much in love, the show would've had no consistency whatsoever.

2. Gossip Girl

On December 17th, 2012, we found out who the biggest gossip is on Gossip Girl. The show wasn't known for reaching a very wide target market, but had a huge fan base nonetheless. The series finale was two hours long and was filled with disappointment to the very last second. Most of the negative feedback lied within the characters who the audience did not want to end up together, but the biggest disappointment of all was the reveal of the actual gossip girl. Spoiler alert...its nothing but a boy who felt like an outsider amongst his own best friends.

1. Dexter

On September 22nd, 2013, the most disappointing series finale in history occurred, has Dexter came to a close. For eight seasons, none of the fans thought that dexter would have a happy ending, but no one expected the unhappily-ever-after to end with such a bore. In the last episode, the serial killer we all know and love, decides to put killing behind him. Not following his instincts as well as his "code" ultimately leads to his loved ones demise. To protect the loved ones he has left, Dexter fakes his own death and becomes a logger, while his girlfriend flee's the country with his son. This finale will always be known as the yawn heard around the world.

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