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10 Bio Cosmetic Brands That You Should Know

An alternative more respectful with the environment and with your skin and, in addition, cut niche.

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1. Amapola Workshop

In Spain, although they are not advertised or sold in bulk, there is a good amount of ecological signatures. Taller Amapola is one of them. It was born in Segovia in 2004 and its products are elaborated with ingredients of natural origin cultivated in sustainable productions and guided by the maximums of the fair trade. In addition, they use recyclable containers and do not use dyes, artificial perfumes or preservatives, habitual causes of allergies on the skin.

It has a professional line, to use in cabin, and then a wide range of products for the care of the face and the body. The surprising thing is that, although it offers high quality references, its prices are very very affordable. They can be purchased through the own online store brand.

2. Happy Mum

Pregnant women and babies are the least likely to be exposed to chemicals. So the brand Happy Mum is perfect for them because up to 95% of its ingredients are of certified organic origin. In addition, 100% of its raw materials are natural and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors and other substances very allergenic.

This firm is German and the company produces Martina Gebhardt, the only country that has won the prestigious label Demeter . Happy Mum is a small yet very complete line to meet the needs of the mother before and after giving birth. You can buy Vita Et Natura and their prices are more than reasonable

3. Marilou Bio

Parisian glamor and prices low cost in Marilou Bio , a French brand that has certifications such as Ecocert that guarantee the "cleansing" of its ingredients. How do quality products get affordable at affordable prices? Simplifying the packagings and dedicating all the efforts in realizing a product of quality. Thus, a moisturizer costs less than 6 euros, as a facial peeling.

In addition, it does not contain parabens and they do not test in animals. It can be purchased online .

4. Rahua

The Adore Cosmetics capillary of authentic luxury and of ecological origin. It is Rahua, whose name comes from a restful oil using Quechua in Ecuador. A New York hairdresser discovered his power to take care of his hair and, in 1990, brought this well-kept secret to the northern hemisphere. And it did not do it by despoiling its precious oil, but to produce the products of this firm, it favours the development of the indigenous tribes that cultivate it as always following traditional 100% ecological methods.

In Spain, you can buy only JC Apothecary, although everyone has fans as well known as Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Wilde.

5. Kure Bazaar

Can nail polish be environmentally friendly? Well, despite being a predominantly chemical Kure Bazaar just launched as a more sustainable less toxic to nail polish colors and absolutely wonderful alternative. After years of research has been managed not to use chemicals derived from the petrochemical industry and use up to 85% of natural ingredients such as wood pulp, wheat or corn.

The effect on our nails is that it respects its natural renewal cycle even though these lacquers have a glossy finish, are very durable and dry quickly. They cost about 16 euros and in Spain will begin to distribute soon.

6. Pulpe de Vie

The brand pulpe de Vie was founded by two friends in southern France with several objectives: that their products offer natural beauty, quality and were taken not too seriously. They also seek a sustainable development of the environment so they not only use up to 50% of bio ingredients but do not test on animals and their products do not contain colorants, transgenics, silicones or parabens. In return, up to 25% of their raw materials come from fruits instead of essential oils so that allergies are avoided.

References pulpe de Vie can be purchased online and have average prices. By the way, this firm contributes to the purchase of each product to an association in defense of the bees

7. Rainwater Botanicals

Born in 1999 Rainwater Botanicals in Washington, an environmental firm whose main ingredient is a medicinal plant called comfrey which has great healing properties for the skin. The owners started with simple recipes practically in the kitchen of a house until the small family business began to thrive and became a brand the following year.

From Rainwater, we are told that everything they sell is a product they have tried and used. Its containers are functional and recyclable and the ingredients are locally grown. In addition, its prices are really low and its catalogue vast. They can be bought, and with quite reasonable shipping costs, via Etsy.

8. Studio 78

From Paris comes Studio 78, a brand of makeup bio Ecocert label that combines trends and sustainability. Its products contain a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients and biologically grown vegetables. In addition they lack artificial perfumes, parabene, phalatos, paraffin or silicones. All this makes this makeup very well tolerated by a greater number of skins, in addition to that in its elaboration respect the environment.

Their prices are moderate and can be purchased at Label Bio

9. Tata Harper

The name of Tata Harper is the founder of the brand, tired of the large amount of toxic chemicals containing beauty products existing in the market decided to become a producer. Its objective was to achieve effectiveness without compromising respect for the skin and the environment. Tata works with farms from around the world (though its headquarters are in Vermont) that provide them bio-based raw materials. The elaboration is practically handmade.

This firm is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow and, not in vain, is one of the most exclusive in the eco-market. In Spain it is distributed by JC Apotecari.

Green and Spring

From the English countryside comes Green and Spring , a firm whose principles are the ethical sourcing of its ingredients (provided the UK), the purity thereof (without chemicals), never test on animals, effectiveness and pleasure.

Its catalog is very extensive, from facial and body treatment to candles for the home. The prices are medium-high (for example, a body cream costs 40 euros) but this signature is a delicatessen. It can be purchased in Essensai and JC Apothecary.

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