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    14 Cats Who Cannot Valentine This Year

    Enough with the pink attire, red hearts and roses.

    This cat who hates love letters

    Magic Madzik / Via Flickr: cefeida

    Secret admirer? No thank you

    This cat who does not want to be cupid

    This cat who is fed up with hearts

    Leah Turner / Via Flickr: 84178472@N00

    This cat who's sick of this excited dog

    This cat who doesn't care and would rather sleep

    This cat who hates rose petals

    Lisa A / Via

    I swear, one more drops on me, I will flip

    This cat in a hat

    ...and her buddy who also hates hats with hearts

    This bachelor who got stood up

    LeeAnn Haggerty / Via

    These cats whose faces are cramped

    This cat babushka

    Michelle Kelley / Via Flickr: mk_xena

    This cat who doesn't like clingy lovers

    Phyllis Wheeler / Via

    This Valentine grouch

    Danielle Armstrong / Via Flickr: 41959659@N08

    This cat who recently broke up with her ex

    Jennifer Miller / Via Flickr: 49034285