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18 Customers Every Waitress & Waiter Has Had The Pleasure Of Serving

Is the customer always right?

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1. The coin counters

If a bill came to £72.28, no waitress expects £72.28 exactly. But hidden amongst those who round numbers, you choose an alternative way of life. If the bill says 28p, by god's name you will find exactly 28p.

5. The menu inventors

"I'll have the chicken and chips, but instead of chicken I'll have pork and instead of chips can I have new potatoes?"

9. The clicker

Photograph Nick Briggs. +44(0)20 / Via

Are you snapping your fingers at me? Sorry I wasn't aware this was an episode off of Downton Abbey...I'll be right with you your ladyship

12. The mind changers


No of course it isn't a problem, I'd love to change your order on the till and explain to the chef who's probably started making your meal that actually you don't want it anymore

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