10 Pageant Worthy Insects

I say insects, you say ick. I show you these, and you’ll wish you were them.

1. Blue Dragonfly

This one looks like she came right off of Pandora

2. Luna Moth

Nicely sized (for a moth), with a wingspan of 4inches, making her (or him) one of the biggest moths in North America

3. Peacock Spider

This guy is a total show-off. He uses his colorful rear-end to appeal to the ladies, much like his namesake.

4. Glasswing Butterfly

We can pretty much sum these butterflies up as one of the camouflage winners of the insect world. With wings nearly transparent, they hardly ever get eaten

5. Fireflies

Fireflies might look like boring little brown bugs in the daylight, but they can go phsyco-cool at night. Their lights come in green, blue, and red, and they sometimes group together to perform their carefully coordinated mating linedance.

6. Evening Primrose Moth

Pink, tiny, fluffy…. this HAS to be every girl’s favorite insect

7. Crab Spider

These guys like to hang out on flowers and go incognito as a daisy while waiting for some food to drop on by.

(NOTE: Yes, yes, we’re aware that spiders are technically not insects, but these were just too fantastic to pass up)

8. Golden Tortoise Beetle

They seriously look like chips of gold, and could double for somebody’s cufflinks.

9. 88 Butterfly

Obviously named for the nearly perfect number 88 on their wings.

10. Orchid Mantis

Like the crab spider, the orchid mantis hides in (surprise!) orchids to prey on unsuspecting insects who were just passing by to smell the flowers.

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