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    18 More Surprising Things That Bunnies Do

    Bunny buddies never fail to amaze us.

    1. They Share with Their Buddies

    2. Give Each Other Kisses

    3. Have Total Control Of Their Swag

    4. Are Fierce Gamers

    5. Love Saturday-Night Cruises

    6. Have Jobs

    7. Get Surprised

    8. Dance (or at Least Try to Dance)

    9. Fall Asleep While Studying

    10. Think Deep Thoughts

    11. LOVE to Visit Grandma

    12. Steal Cookies

    13. Hate Baths

    14. Play Instruments

    15. Party

    16. They Sometimes Judge You

    17. Stick Out Their Tongues For No Good Reason

    18. Smile

    Thanks to all those wonderful bunnies with wonderful owners who post wonderful pictures on the web!!!