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Things People Who Work In Libraries Want You To Know

We aren't all Librarians.

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1. We aren't all librarians


While we won't get mad at you for calling us that, just know that, in order for someone to be a librarian, they have to have at least a masters in library science. No four years of college for us.

2. We don't expect total silence


Take it from someone who is has been working in a library for three years: there will never be total silence! Even we who work in the library will not be silent the whole time. That's not saying you can be as loud as you want. So, no, Hollywood's depiction of an old lady shushing everyone is not accurate.

3. And, we're not all old women


Again, Hollywood is not correct in their stereotype that all library worker's are little, glasses wearing women, doomed to never be married. Both men and women work in libraries. And there are still plenty of people going to school to get their masters in library science.

5. We do not get to read all day long


I know, it's shocking! The truth is, if we're working at the library full time, we may get to read less than you do! We're constantly putting books up, making sure that they're in the correct order, and helping patrons check-in and check out books, among other things.

6. We can't do everything for you!


While we might be able to help you cite your sources for your research paper, we cannot nor do we want to, write your paper for you. And we can't read minds, so don't just tell us that the book was blue.

7. We don't like it when you put your unwanted items just anywhere.


You're going to pass the circulation desk, so why not return your unwanted items there? It'll help reduce the headache of trying to locate something that is not in the proper place.

8. Don't come in at the last minute!


Just like anyone who has a job, we want to go home when the "whistle" blows (okay, not a literal whistle). So, please don't wait until three minutes to closing to come in and begin looking for books or DVD's. Unless you have put something on hold or you know that we have exactly what you need, don't wait until the last minute!

9. And finally, we're glad that you come!


We don't care if you don't check out books (we have other items). If all you're doing is using our computers, checking out DVD's, or just bringing your child to storytime, we're happy to have you there!

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