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    Here's What Real Vegans Actually Eat

    It's not all salads and tofu.

    Here's the thing: We all know that vegans have a reputation...

    ....for eating a lot of salads and tofu.

    Which, admittedly, we do eat sometimes.

    But being vegan doesn't mean being restricted to rabbit food.

    For instance, pasta is always an option.

    Cookies, too.

    We'll eat tacos for days... well as scrumptious Chinese dishes like lo mein.

    Feast your eyes on these sesame cauliflower "wings"...

    ...and this amazing shiitake donburi.

    But honestly, the best part about being vegan... the dessert.

    Our dessert game is strong.

    So the next time someone asks you what vegans eat...

    You can tell them we eat brownies...



    ...cake... cream...


    ...and pretty much every dessert ever.

    Let's here it for vegans everywhere.

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