What Type Of Canning Fundraiser Are You?

Take the quiz and find out!

  1. What is your ideal Saturday?
    1. Studying
    2. Going out!
    1. Hanging out with friends!
    2. Canning!!!!
  2. Pick a color
    1. White
    2. Blue
    1. Tie Dye
    2. Yellow
  3. Do you like to spend time with other people?
    1. I like to work alone.
    2. Via naspa.org
      Yes! In big groups so I can meet new people and voice my opinion.
    1. Yes!!!
    2. Totally, especially when I go out.
  4. How do you like to raise money for Illinithon?
    1. Asking ALL of my friends and family, duh!
    2. Canning!
    1. Posting on every social media I know!
    2. Doing all of the above!!!
  5. Lastly, are you excited for the Big Event???
    1. Of course??? I want to dance all night long!
    2. Yes!!!! I can’t wait to meet all the families!
    1. Yes!! Nice to get out of my comfort zone!
    2. YES!!!!!!!

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