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Aspiring Model: How To Become A Pro

The requirements for being a model are definitely NOT what you expected!

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Aspiring Model: How to Become A Pro

One day you wake up and realize that you want to be a professional model. Maybe you’ve been gorgeous and popular your whole life, or maybe you just realized how beautiful you are, or MAYBE, you want a confidence boost and decide to try your hand at modelling. Whatever your reasoning, every model starts off in your shoes—as an amateur. So, what does it take to get from your second-hand kicks to their Gucci pumps?

The first step is to shake the notion that all you need to be is super thin and super pretty to be a model. While you’re at it, shake that pesky idea that you never have to pay any money to become one. You should also let it sink in that being a model is a job like all other jobs, and you must be serious or you won’t succeed. If you have to pay for classes to become a Doctor, you have to pay for them to become a model. Time, dedication, patience, drive and the ability to continuously learn are all things you need to possess.

Next, get yourself into modelling classes. Do yourself a favor and find legitimate classes, taught by people with actual modelling experience. Avoiding workshops and competitions put on by people who have no real experience will save you lots of money and lots of time.

Building your portfolio and getting more comfortable in front of the camera are necessary for any aspiring model. Many photographers will offer “TFP”, or “trade for portfolio”, in which the photo shoot will be free as long as you can both use the images in your portfolios. Shout out to my photographer friends, please do not post these images publicly without giving proper credit. And, do not under any circumstances, share on social media images where you have cropped out their logo. This is considered bad faith and it will be really hard to find someone to take your picture after it happens.

The next step, or maybe just a piece of wisdom, is this: Do not let photographers talk you into taking your clothes off unless it is something you want to do. Take with you the piece of mind that you do not need to be nude in photos to become a successful model. Case in point, Kate Upton. No one would kick her out of bed, but, she’s never once posed nude.

Do not starve yourself to lose weight if you feel you aren’t at a good enough weight class. Instead, start eating better and join a gym. You can’t succeed as a model if you’re lying in a hospital bed weighing a whopping 90 pounds soaking wet.

Create social media pages and start getting yourself followers. Remember, posing filtered photos on Instagram does not make you a model! However, if used correctly, Instagram can help you get your face out into the world.

So this is all where it’s at. If you want to be a model because it is your passion, you have a long and hard road ahead of you. Everyone fails, but those failures can lead to even greater accomplishments. When you fall, pick yourself up. With the right mindset going in, there’s nothing you can’t do!

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