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A Complete 10 Day Makeover

True beauty lies on the inside. Cliche, right? But hear me out.

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A Complete 10 Day Makeover

What if I told you that in just ten days you could have a total makeover? Chances are, if you are anything like me you would scoff and scroll through. But I am not just talking about changing your clothes, putting way too much time and effort into makeup, or feeling as though you are trying to hide all that is YOU behind a mask. I am talking about a makeover of your mind and your spirit. Because if you learn to change your self destructive thoughts and emotional hang-ups, believe it or not it can do more for your outward appearance to others than makeup and outrageously priced shoes ever could.

In my many struggles with depression, anxiety, and lack of self esteem; I have finally come to the conclusion that material things are only a temporary fix. The high of finding the perfect pair if shoes, the once-in-a-lifetime deal on a killer dress, and that shade of lipstick that fits your hair and complexion; this feeling never lasts. If nothing else, you are left afterwards with a feeling if guilt for bowing to the ever present marketing schemes of the “beauty” industries. There is nothing in the world that money can buy that can give you that continuous feeling of contentment.

But more to the point of my story, your true beauty lies on the inside. I know, how cliché, right?! The old saying that your parents, grandparents and friends have been droning on about forever... turns out it’s true. Bear with me, I’m not going to tell you to meditate every night or learn tai chi. The real secret to giving yourself the best makeover possible is just this: change your thought patterns. This is not nearly as simple as it seems, however, but it can be done if you start to really focus on that running commentary that you have going throughout the day.

Once you begin to take note of this inner voice, the more power you have to take control if it. If you find your thoughts floating towards the negative, all you have to do is change the topic. Find the silver lining. If there is no “silver lining”, find the humor in the situation at hand (trust me, there is humor to be found in nearly every minute of every day). Laugh at yourself (nothing worse than a spoil sport!), keep telling yourself that you will get through this. No one has ever literally died of embarrassment, or a bump in the road of life.

If you can master the art of changing your own mind, then not only will you achieve an emotional makeover in ten days (or even overnight if you are a quick study), but your inner contentment will begin to shine through. You will no longer have a need for beauty aids, wrinkle creams or cinchy-inny-underpants (as I like to call them, this way they sound as bad as they feel and are to be avoided at all cost!). Everything that most women deem “unattractive” are simply signs showing that you are truly living. Laugh until your heart is content, let the laugh lines show as they will! Because if you can really, REALLY enjoy life, then who cares what anyone thinks anyway?

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