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    • LillithBeast

      Some of these work and some don’t.Ilove Wonder Woman’s outfit, sans khakis (tights would be fine). AndIthink that ‘functionality’ is being too heavily criticized here. Batman, for example, is trained in like 17 kinds of martial arts. How does wearing bulky armor that restricts his movements enable him to utilize those skills better? They don’t. What someone earlier said thatIthink is the point moreso than anything else, is that these characters now “look human.” Yes, sexy powerful superheroines are great and sometimes empowering images, but that shouldn’t be the ONLY option for readers. There are amazing characters that are very empowering that are not always in spandex, like Oracle. It shouldn’t beaprerequisite that characters have to be exposed, andIthink this really makes people see these charactersalittle differently inathought-provoking, non-confrontational manner. EVERYBODY WINS.

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