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    Not Sure What You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    That's okay.

    All your friends may know what they are doing with their lives

    They are about to become a doctor

    Or a lawyer

    Or both!

    Also known as every mother's dream and your worst nightmare.

    Are you are feeling a little bit lost?

    It is going to be okay!

    Since you don't know exactly what you want to do

    Like art

    Or work in Social Media

    No one dreamt they were going to work for Twitter or Facebook when they grew up. Unless they could predict the future. In which case, go them.

    Or maybe you just haven't realized your love of numbers

    There is always a chance, right?

    You can travel

    Maybe your dream career is in another country

    Or go back to school

    While you figure out what you want, you can help others

    Or maybe you just really need to watch Netflix for 14 hours straight

    It is definitely essential on the path to growing up.

    As a kid, you thought your destiny was to be a pro basketball player

    but it turns out you can't dribble, and you also are 5 feet tall.

    Or the President of the United States

    but public speaking makes you pass out

    Now when someone asks you what you want to be you just make this face

    No matter what, you are not alone

    Just remember, there are thousands of college graduates that have NO idea what they are going to do with their lives

    No one really has any idea what they are doing

    Even The Boss thinks it is ok

    And remember

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