20 Signs You Are A Texas Longhorn

The Lone Star State is not only home to good BBQ and country music, Texas is also home to the University of Texas—the longhorn nation. If you’re a longhorn, or longhorn fan, you’ll know what I mean.

1. 1.Your college experience is best summarized in two words: football season.

2. 2.Your favorite phrase is: “it’s 7 o’clock and OU still sucks!”

3. 3.You know someone who knows someone who has seen the albino squirrel. Or saw.

4. 4.You have been to 6th street—on a Thursday night, because that’s basically the beginning of the weekend.

5. 5.It was always stressful choosing between ACL and OU weekend—until this year. Two weekends of ACL, I’ll take it!

6. 6.You’ve ran out of Bevo bucks.

7. 7.You have managed to have no Friday classes—that’s it.

8. 8.You have seen David Ash or Case McCoy walking around campus.

9. 9.Basically, what finals look like:

10. 10.You have a spent a night or two at the PCL.

11. 11.You agree November 24, 2011 should be a UT national holiday.

12. 12.Signing up for courses usually looks like either: “waitlisted” or “closed.”

13. 13.Know events daily email.

14. 14.You have had Kerbey queso at 3 a.m.

15. 15.You have had a foreign professor. And TA. In the same class. Goodbye 4.0 GPA.

16. 16.Tiff’s Treats is the best gift during finals.

17. 17.You carry a couple of the Pluckers “free 5 wings” coupons.

18. 18.You’ve done it: looking away from the organizations handing out paper—unless it comes with free food.

19. 19.You have several pictures of the tower lit orange.

20. 20.You have 99 problems, but going to A&M isn’t one.

21. Hook ‘em!

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