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The 8 Different Types Of Dream Boys

Which one is yours?

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2. Dream boy from the side.

This boy is always preoccupied. Instead of giving you his full attention, you're always stuck with the side of his face, gazing at him looking off into the distance. He's so busy that it makes you feel like you're boring. Unfortunately, the more he neglects you, the more you want him. You'll never be his main focus, this guy is bad news!


5. Dream boy on a boat.

He's your lover abroad. Eventually, usually because of geography, you're forced to part. You nostalgically reminisce about your past fairy tale together, but nothing more can come of it, because you're separated by the sea.

6. Dream boy in a cave.

This boy is a foreigner in every way. You adore him for his unfamiliar ways but ultimately, things will never work out because of irreconcilable cultural differences. You might enjoy your time with him for a short period, like while you're on vacation in Turkey, but it will be short-lived.

7. Dream boy upside down.

This boy is totally effed up. He's one way and then another - up, down, all over the map sorts of crazy. He will drag you along on his volatile roller-coaster and it'll make you feel completely cray. The last thing you want to do here is try to save him, it's unachievable and will only make you nuts too.

8. And finally... Dream boy from the front.

He is the one... the one you find. You are equals who look at the world together, hand in hand, side by side, looking out together. You both get it and you get each other, you're connection is balanced and complimentary. When you're together, it's pure harmony.

Note: There might be other dream boys out there, but these are the ones we identified. Also note that some boys may cross over between a few of the different categories :)