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    A Few Small Steps That Will Melt Your Heart

    A sweet blend of action, luck and love.

    The next train happens to be the F, the one you were waiting for.

    So you accompany your friend to the bar to meet the finance guy from the ping pong bar.

    You all chat and drink beer.

    He tells you "you're a very intelligent person" and asks for your email.

    The morning after:

    The stroll in the park leads to afternoon wine.

    Cabbagetown is a friendly town.

    You sigh and realize you must be from the same planet.

    You both like to break the rules.

    No matter where.

    You always leave room for spontaneity.

    And sharing.

    ...and feasting.

    Because your taste buds are aligned.

    And you've found a new BFF.

    You master the art of exploration.

    And sing like nobody's listening.

    You laugh.

    And indulge.

    And cuddle.

    Most importantly...

    You enjoy.


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